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Fred Mayfield is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)

Greater Kansas City Psychology Association

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     I am grateful to have been a part of helping so many individuals, couples, and blending families resolve their issues over the past 25 years.  While the experience has honed my therapy skills, each new person or relationship is unique, which requires that I explore solutions that fit their personalities.  

     I specialize in finding new approaches for minor to complex issues.  I have the most experience in Family Care Giving, Blending Families, IMAGO Therapy, Childhood Issues, Parenting, Careers, Grief, Marriage, Divorce Adjustment, Sexual Issues, Abuse, Self Esteem, Depression, and Anxiety.  I also teach graduate courses in Psychopathology, Marriage Counseling, Blending Families, and Counseling the Family Caregiver.  I am available for seminars, public speaking, and family business consultation.